“I contain multitudes.” — Walt Whitman

Welcome to my blog! This is the place where I can put all of my writing—personal and work-related—under one roof.

Find me on Facebook or email me: christy [at] whidbey.com

BIO: Christy works in publishing with publishers and individuals who have a progressive social and environmental component to their mission with an emphasis on those involved in local food systems, organic and biodynamic food production, and holistic and spiritual health. Her specialties are: editing; publication and editorial management; independent publishing; project management for audio books, eBooks, and print books, book contract negotiation, rights sales, foreign rights sales, copyright, and permissions; and royalty management.

Christy Korrow is currently the editor of LILIPOH, an independently-owned holistic health and spirituality magazine.

Christy has completed the practitioner training through the Bach Centre in the UK and is a registered Bach Flower Essence Practitioner.  Additionally, she has completed the course Best Practices for Working with Pets and the Bach Flower Remedies.

Together with her husband Chris, a filmmaker and author, they own Breathe Deep Productions, a media company centering on projects that explore the intersections between nature, agriculture, arts, culture, spirituality, and social change.



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