LILIPOH Fall Issue 2015

Lilipoh Cover Issue 81We hope you will enjoy taking this walk down memory lane with us. I really appreciated having the excuse to sit down and review every back issue, and I would like to share some of my reflections with you. The process was inspiring, and from it I gained a deeper respect for the intelligence and the creativity living within the spiritually striving community of which we are a part. The arts, the writing, the design, the covers, the format have improved, and the page count has doubled since the magazine’s inception!

I was moved to see how many of our authors have passed away, though comforted that anthroposophy teaches that those on the other side are still helping us on our spiritual path, and there is a reciprocity by which the work we do helps them on their spiritual path as well.

Those on the other side are still helping us on our spiritual path, and there is a reciprocity by which the work we do helps them on their spiritual path as well.

I was satisfied to be reminded that we were already advocating GMO labeling fifteen years ago, along with publishing articles on topics with a wide range of subjects: CSAs; personal responsibility and health-care freedom; advocacy for integrative therapies; more time in nature for children; and the limitation of technology throughout childhood. I am glad to see that many issues we covered a decade ago or more have now made their way into the next level of mainstream consciousness; but it’s also a bittersweet feeling, because many of those battles we are still fighting.

I want to say thank you to all of the trees that have sacrificed their lives so we can share information, be exposed to new ideas, learn, change the way we think, and build community. I don’t at all mean that flippantly; it’s imperative that we own the consequences of our actions. Even if we think our actions are taken in the name of high-minded ideals and helping the world, we have to be careful not to think we are outside of that which we are trying to change.

I found myself asking, can LILIPOH be a voice for anthroposophy and the spirit in life for another twenty years, or more? In some ways, we are still a young publication. Even though in the first half of 2015, there were ninety new magazines launched, and twenty-three closed their doors, it’s not uncommon for a magazine to be published for fifty to seventy-five years or longer. The forty oldest magazines still being published average 150 years old.

Here is my wish list for the next phase of the publication’s journey: I would love to see all of our back issues available for purchase digitally; podcasts; a wisdom council to help us engage more deeply with visitors to our Facebook page; a searchable index of all back issues; a Spanish edition of the magazine; and an increase in the racial diversity of our authors.

Continue along with us as we begin our third decade of creative explorations and discoveries!

–“Editor’s Note” reprinted from the Fall 2015 issue of LILIPOH


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